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              Tag » naruto

                Friday July 23, 2021
              • QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Sasuke?

                Happy Birthday, Sasuke!

                Sasuke's journey through the Naruto franchise has been a long, twisting tale. And to celebrate it, I've created a quiz that tests just how much you know about one of Konohagakure's finest. Hit the jump to see how much Sasuke knowledge you have on his birthday!

              • Tuesday July 13, 2021
              • Japan 2.5D Stage Play World Streams Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Sailor Moon Musicals

                Special-effects stage shows will be aired this August with English subtitles

                Ever wished you could see Japan's epic 2.5D stage musicals? Next month, you can! An online festival will air subtitled videos of Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, and Naruto onstage. Get all the details after the jump!

              • Wednesday July 21, 2021
              • FEATURE: What Does Sarada's Use Of The Chidori Means For Boruto's Themes?

                It says a lot about the series' themes of teaching the next generation

                In the last few episodes of BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, New Team 7 has taken on the deluded and cruel Boro. In order to save her friends and partners, Sarada unleashes the Chidori to amazing results. Hit the jump to see what the use of this famous move means for the wider themes of the franchise!

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